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MerlinX Overview

MerlinOne’s David Breslauer provides an overview of the new MerlinX interface. Posted August 18, 2014.

Export to Social Media with MerlinX

See how easy it is to send directly from Merlin to social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

MerlinX Upload

See how easy it is to upload content to Merlin.

Video about Video in MerlinX

Learn about the cool video features in MerlinX.

MerlinOne Rights Management Color Codes

Easy to use Color Codes assist in DAM Rights Management

Searching in MerlinX

Learn how easy it is to simple and powerful Searching in the Merlin Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software.

Merlin Adobe Integration

MerlinX DAM client now integrates with Adobe products.

Setting Up MerlinX

Learn how to set up MerlinX by moving palettes, and showing or hiding features.

Video Asset Management Technology Overview

Learn about the cool video features in Merlin products.

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