E-Sheets – Electronic Tearsheets

Faster Delivery, Faster Payments, Lower Costs

esheetsPaper tearsheets are slow and labor intensive to produce, expensive to ship and store. The age-old tearsheet practice probably goes back to Ben Franklin. But that has all changed.

E-Sheets lets publishers provide on-line electronic tearsheets to their advertising customers the morning of publication as a proof-of-publication. One click on the email notification link and you see today’s ads. Click again to see facing/backing pages, or view the full-size PDF page. Print the page on your desktop or even use an on-screen tool to measure the ad. With E-Sheets, agencies and advertisers get fast and easy confirmation, publishers save production labor, material and shipping costs, and business managers can confirm and approve payment. The whole process from ad-run to payment is dramatically shortened, and with a fast ROI.

E-Sheets is already changing business at leading papers and major markets throughout the country.

Do electronic tearsheets work? Here is just one example:
“During their pilot test, The Hartford Courant tracked a 33% improvement in collections due to electronic tearsheets. That improvement continued during Hartford’s roll-out of the system to their advertisers. Based on these savings Tribune expects a double-digit return on their investment in E-Sheets.”
From Tribune’s white paper on E-Sheets, March 2005 (read it here)

E-Sheets is Now Hosting

  • Over 170,000,000 records!
  • From over 3,700,000 advertisers and 76,000 agencies

Only E-Sheets can put you HEREpublication

  • Verify the tearsheet on the morning of publication
  • Huge number of advertisers and agencies already using E-Sheets
  • Special log-in accounts for national and regional advertisers to see ALL their ads across the country instantly
  • Hosted solution – no hardware, software to buy or maintain
  • Years of back pages & electronic tearsheets at your fingertips
  • Cuts costs, material, labor and shipping for a fast ROI
  • Secure and controlled access to content
  • A corporate standard at Tribune, and used at major metros like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as small and independent papers.

Ad Ready

adreadyWith the AdReady option, ad proof-of-publication verification is fully integrated into the E-Sheets electronic tearsheet environment.

  • On-Line access to ads and approval status
  • Fully integrated with E-Sheets
  • Link between approved ad and published page
  • System activity logged to create “sign-off” record
  • Creates ad library, with fully text searchable content
  • Built-in deadline management
  • Faster turnaround, more process control

How does it work? When a newspaper has an ad to be proofed, it uploads the ad PDF to the hosted site. Once notified by email, the advertiser can view the ad, download, print, mark-up the artwork and finally approve the ad or not, with comments about the status. System activity for viewing, comments and status is logged for each ad, providing a record of the advertiser, in effect, “signing-off” on the ad when approved. Once the ad is published, there are links between the approved ad and the published E-Sheet page. Advertisers and the paper can log into the system via the Internet to view the status of all their ads in process.

Note: MerlinOne administers the E-Sheets system on behalf of our affiliated publications. They manage the login accounts and support for all of their own customers. If you are an agency or advertiser and are looking for access to E-Sheets to view your ads please contact the appropriate publication.

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