Trax – Integrated Assignment Management

Newspaper Solutions-Assignment Management

Trax is the comprehensive assignment management solution for managing staff assignment requests, schedules, resale and usage rights. Create and manage assignments for photos, graphics, lab work and optionally, library research requests all within the Trax assignment management system.

Via a simple web browser, everyone has around-the-clock access to view or update any request. Integrated automated email makes it easy to reach photographers in the field with wireless PDAs or web-enabled cell phones. A built-in contact database stores names, numbers and addresses in one place for fast access to the right people for each project.

Trax helps manage your assignments by managing staff scheduling and requests. Request, search, modify, delegate and communicate assignments throughout your organization with a few clicks. Schedule staff working hours, holidays and vacations and post staff availability throughout the organization.

Different options. One Merlin workflow.

An integrated solution that saves time and speeds production. The Merlin Digital Asset Management / Picture Desk System, Trax and Scrounger can be used independently, and with great benefit. But together they combine to create a unique and completely integrated workflow. Information is entered once and shared among the products, linking content and related information. For example:

  • You search and find a story in the digital asset management system.
  • Click and see the page and all the photos and graphics for that assignment.
  • Click again to see the original assignment contacts and rights information.
  • Looking for a new angle? Click and see every photo from the shoot.
  • As you find related items, drag-and-drop them into a project folder.
  • When done, drag-and-drop the project folder to the editor’s “in” folder.
  • Then drag-and-drop the selected content to production for a follow-up.

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