Search the Spoken Word with the Merlin Video Asset Management System

Amazing Soundtrack Search

Our unique technology lets users find audio/video digital assets by searching for words spoken in the soundtrack. The Merlin Video Asset Management automatically creates metadata from the spoken word.

Imagine browsing a video database of hour-long interview shows. A user could enter a word or phrase (like “hurricane”) and get back a list of shows that contain the word spoken somewhere in the soundtrack. When the user opens a specific show, the playhead is cued up to where the phrase is spoken!

The video asset management system uses speech-to-text technology to index the soundtrack against timecode. Clearly, this saves a tremendous amount of time otherwise lost to locating, mounting, viewing or jogging video clips.

The audio and video repository is built on our digital asset management software. That means, in one go, a user can define a search and find audio/video content along with related photos, graphics, scripts and other documents.

The Merlin Video Asset Management system is a database-driven solution, flexible enough to become the cornerstone of most any audio/video workflow:

  • During pre-production, you can import almost any format and search, manage and share your source video, audio, photos and scripts.
  • In production, the video asset management system can organize all of your clips and other content, then make it accessable to your non-linear editor (NLE). Web, podcasts, SD and even HD resolutions can all be handled.
  • At project completion, the Merlin Video Asset Management system can manage and route your video to other systems, or for posting on other websites.
  • Create a central company resource with Merlin for users to store, find, manage and share finished video products, video source, photos and scripts.
  • Build a premium public website where users can find and replay previously aired content powered by our unique soundtrack search.

The Merlin Video Asset Management system makes it easy to find the clip you need, eliminate the wrong ones and avoid re-shooting things you already have.



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