MerlinOne helps Non-Profits work collaboratively and distribute efficiently

  • Collaborate to create your campaigns
  • Manage major donor outreach projects
  • Fast access for fund raising efforts
  • Ability to access or upload assets globally
  • Easily share materials with Ad Agencies
  • Direct post to Social Media


MerlinOne is about solving problems for Non-Profits and making the lives of our users better. No matter what your role is, we provide easy to use tools so marketing, creative, and media teams can work collaboratively to ensure the right message and content is delivered to the right channel at the right time.

How can DAM Software help Marketing?

  • Quickly collect images and videos from remote offices or people out in the field.
  • Easily manage and share assets to all offices or agencies from a central library.
  • Upload form to pre-fill metadata and descriptions for images or video.
  • Rights manage your files-attach model releases.
  • Manage your brand efficiently so the correct marketing assets are always used.
  • Get the correct images and materials to distribute to donors, social media or campaigns.
  • Collaborate among your teams, quickly review, approve and distribute.
  • Access the files from anywhere, any device at any time.

How does DAM Software help with Creative Teams?

  • Adobe Creative Suite integration– ability to access the DAM from Adobe applications.
  • A centralized repository that delivers all your creative assets in a matter of seconds.
  • Ability to upload digital assets directly into creative projects.
  • Automated linking capabilities so you won’t misplace or choose the wrong components in layouts.
  • Version Control, giving you the ability to review and approve the creative process in layouts, photos, artwork, video, and copy.
  • Rights Management capabilities providing you information on usage of a digital asset.

How does DAM Software help with the management of Photos and Images?

  • Upload Photos and Videos directly to the DAM from the field (anywhere in the world).
  • FTP right from PhotoMechanic with all fields, colors and stars transferring.
  • Add additional metadata on input or once in the DAM.
  • Batch metadata editing tools.
  • Image compare screens are great for viewing.
  • Slide show view for presentations.
  • Star rate and color code your selects.

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How does DAM Software help with the management of Videos and Multi-Media?

  • Search Video by the spoken word.
  • Annotate and mark-up videos.
  • Attach model releases to your images or videos

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How does DAM Software help with distribution to Social Media?

  • Quickly find any branding, messaging, image or video you need
  • Export directly to FaceBook, Twitter or YouTube
  • Watermark on export
  • Rights management to make sure you are compliant
  • Ability to track the history of where the assets were exported

How does DAM Software help with the Web and Content Management System?

  • Quickly locate the image or video you need.
  • Easily make video clips or screen capture from videos without linear editing tools.
  • Annotate and mark-up videos.
  • APIs to find and download files from your CMS.

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