Healthcare depends on MerlinOne to manage their Brand and Campaign Content

  • Manage brand consistency in PR Campaigns
  • Donor access to assets from fundraising events
  • Rights Management tools for licensed assets
  • Repository for staff and facility imagery
  • Direct sharing to website from DAM
  • Easily share assets to network and media


HIPAA Compliant Digital Asset Management

Find out why you need a secure, HIPAA-compliant DAM platform. Download our HIPAA FAQ

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How can DAM Software help Communications?

  • Easily manage and share assets to departments, business units, or outside agencies from a central library.
  • Rights manage your files-attach model releases or expire old material.
  • Manage your hospital’s brand efficiently so the correct marketing assets are always used.
  • Collaborate among your teams, quickly review, approve and distribute.
  • Adobe Creative Suite integration ability to access the DAM from Adobe applications.
  • Ability to upload digital assets directly into creative projects.

How does DAM Software help with Public Relations?

  • Quickly find any branding, messaging, image or video you need.
  • Easily share media kits and brand guidelines.
  • Access to Hospital Stock Imagery and Video B-Role.
  • Export directly to FaceBook, Twitter or YouTube.

How does DAM Software help with Foundation Marketing?

  • Quickly find photos of important donors.
  • Direct tweets to donors from the DAM.
  • Self-service and fast access to donor campaigns.
  • Efficiently share projects with print agencies.
  • Private area for your event images and videos.

How does DAM Software help with the management of Photos and Images?

  • Upload Photos and Videos directly to the DAM from any hospital event or venue.
  • Add additional metadata on input or once in the DAM.
  • Batch metadata editing tools.
  • Image compare screens are great for viewing.
  • Slide show view for presentations.
  • Star rate and color code your selects.
  • Attach model releases to images.

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How does DAM Software help with the management of Videos and Multi-Media?

  • Search Video by the spoken word.
  • Annotate and mark-up videos.
  • Attach model releases to your images or videos.

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How does DAM Software help with the Web and Content Management System?

  • Quickly locate the image or video you need.
  • Easily make video clips or screen capture from videos without linear editing tools.
  • Annotate and mark-up videos.
  • APIs to find and download files from your CMS.

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