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Featuring: Joseph Carr
Title: Associate Vice President
Merlin User:2013 – Present

We never could have managed our volume of branded content today without Merlin

Kristen Lainsbury, Director of Marketing & Creative Services, Providence College


Founded in 1917 by the Dominican Friars, Providence College provides a Catholic education steeped in the liberal arts. It comprises four schools: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, and the School of Continuing Education.

PC’s mission includes the exploration of faith and reason as complementary pathways to discovering truth.

The College’s Division of Marketing and Communications works to develop and communicate the institution’s brand, while providing marketing and creative services that support all forms of print and digital messaging.

Providence College has been a user of the MerlinOne DAM Solution since 2013, using it to manage photo, print publication, web, and social media content.

Q&A with Joe Carr

Q: What are 3 things that are key with the deployment of MerlinOne at Providence College?

A: “The introduction of metadata to the collection has been the most significant key to success, as it makes our digital assets searchable. Before MerlinOne, we stored our collection on DVDs, cross-referenced through catalogs and contact sheets. A searchable collection has increased efficiency, allowing for faster turn-around and a higher volume of brand-based collateral content.”

“Secondly, the centralized environment makes the management of archived assets available to our entire team – and outside collaborators – so that we can work efficiently and collaboratively.”

“Lastly, we have been able to create and manage more content than we thought possible before the deployment of Merlin.”

Q: Is there anything that stands out within our solution?

A: “MerlinOne has created a much-needed and highly valuable level of access to digital content, augmented by the valuable application of metadata to the collection and efficient centralized access. This type of access was not possible with the processes we used before MerlinOne came along.”

Q: What has been your experience with MerlinOne?

A: “The MerlinOne team is invested in our success. Knowledgeable personnel help us address issues, they provide valuable information, and suggest best practices that we can employ in our day-to-day work.”

Providence College Digital Goals


  • The ability to share content more efficiently.
  • To allow for more efficient collaboration between editorial and creative services teams.
  • To create collections access for other college departments, allowing for better collaboration.


  • Applying meta-tags and keywords to all digital assets, creating a more searchable collection.
  • Having a system that easily scales as the volume of the collection grows.
  • Compressing the time frames of image requests, image reviews, and approvals.


  • Improved DAM access through a web application.
  • Better management of content access through roles and permissions.
  • Operational cost efficiencies realized through the SaaS solution.

MerlinOne Solutions and Benefits

Managing access to the DAM

  • The browser based user interface allows easy access (from any web enabled device) to the DAM to streamline contributing or sharing content.
  • Granular permissions with access to the DAM allow for more efficient methods in sharing content with higher level users around the campus as well as controlled access to content with print agencies and alumni.
  • The DAM is all encompassing giving access to many types of users for managing video, photos, branding, marketing, advertising, and campaign assets.

Efficiencies gained with the DAM

  • Application of Metadata gives the collection greater search ability.
  • The DAM allows for greater speed with gathering and processing content to be shared or distributed to users and alumni.
  • Batch features and workflow automation gives a consistent repeatable process.
  • Centralizing the environment cuts down on assets living in dispersed silos.

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