Digital Asset Management
of Photos, Video, Graphics and PDFs
Made Fast & Easy!

What can MerlinOne Digital Asset Management Solution do for me?

Organize, centralize, manage and share digital assets

The MerlinOne team has over 20 years of practical experience helping people organize and classify their digital assets. With a MerlinOne DAM, you start down a new road of finding what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. Instead of combing through a folder structure trying to locate a missing asset, you’ll now have everything right at your fingertips to create, collaborate, update, version, and distribute to all your media channels.

Search in seconds
Simply put, MerlinOne is FAST! No matter how much data, or how complicated the search, search results are provided in an instant. One Merlin system has over 140 million objects (and counting), 36,000 users and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees searches come back in under 5 seconds. Oh not to boast, but reports indicate most search results are returned in under a second.
As we say in Boston, “it is just WICKED FAST!”

With over a 140 MerlinOne sites on four continents, here is what just a few people are saying about us...(read customer reviews here)

“Habitat for Humanity has used Merlin for about 15 years to meet our needs for storing, managing and distributing photos in our global network.”
Bob Longino, Director of International Communications Support, Habitat for Humanity International


“Many thanks to the Merlin hosted support team! Our Picture Desk staff and our clients are glad that you’re there 24/7 to keep us running smoothly.” Patricial Lantis, Executive Director

“Awesome, I love how responsive MerlinOne is!”
Andy Daddio, University Photographer, Colgate University


“The system has worked beautifully. Not only is it saving us money on staffing, it gives us more control here in the office.”
Dave Frank, Photo & Video Editor, New York Times


Benefit from workflow friendly tools

We designed MerlinOne on a simple premise, “...let the computers do the heavy lifting." Most innovations in Merlin are customer driven; we pride ourselves in observing how people use their Merlin DAM, then create problem solving solutions.
When evalutating DAM solutions, most features become items on a list to check off, the difference with MerlinOne is not only can they be checked off, those features are just better with Merlin.

Workflow experts in mission-critical environments

Since 1994 MerlinOne has supplied mission-critical digital asset management solutions to major news organizations, media, non-profits, universities, and corporations. Our Merlin DAM platform provides our customers with a strong, scalable, proven system that has continually evolved for more than 20 years. With an easy to use interface, Merlin supports a variety of digital asset and mission-specific needs.

We make our customers happy

MerlinOne takes pride in customer satisfaction that is second to none. We don’t just provide customers with software, we provide a system that is specific to the customers’ needs and goals; one that best addresses the customers’ environment and use case.  The MerlinOne Support Team (not an overseas call center) is there 24 x 7, 365 days a year, ready to trouble shoot, support, train or consult on the best practices of digital asset management.

Let us show you how how quick and easy we can help you.