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We’ve earned the title DAM experts: since 1994 MerlinOne has supplied mission-critical digital asset management software to major news organizations, media, non-profits, universities, government and corporations. That means you get the benefit of more than two decades of continuous innovation, plus all the lessons we have learned working with demanding workflows at our world-class customers, ranging from workgroups to enterprises. We lead the industry with managing digital assets: we innovated major advances like searching for spoken words within videos, real fault-tolerance to keep your data safe, customized metadata schemas and flexible user-defined interfaces, and we deliver fast, accurate search results from systems with over 170 million records. We are always looking to empower our users, and shortly will be announcing an innovation that will turn the workflow tools world on its head!


We offer four configurations of Merlin to suit your needs.


Our software running on your hardware.

Merlin Cloud

Your assets stored in our hosted environment (SaaS).

Public Cloud

Merlin software on your cloud service (AWS).


Your assets stored in a HIPAA Compliant environment (SaaS).

What can Merlin DAM do?


Merlin is an easy-to-use media asset management (MAM) system that allows you to keep track of photos, multimedia files, graphics, PDF files, Adobe and Office documents for quick repurposing. Easy and powerful tools allow for centralized organization, collaboration and distribution of your content and brand assets. Fast, precise searching using any web browser allows you quick access to everything from anywhere.

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What are some of Merlin’s cool features?

MerlinOne Video

Speech-to-Text Searching

Search audio or video objects by the spoken word.

MerlinOne Adobe Integration

Adobe Integration

Access the DAM through Adobe Creative Suite Tools

MerlinOne Social Media Integration

Exporting to Social Media

Export assets directly into social media accounts

Chat with our Expert Webinar

Please join us June 21st at 2PM (EDT) Featuring a discussion on using AI to enhance the value of your digital assets.


No hidden fees


MerlinOne quotes are all inclusive, we don’t nickel and dime you.

  • Live person to person support 24×7
  • Software Upgrades
  • Data redundant, highly fault-tolerant (hardware) system
  • Single Tenancy (dedicated server environment)

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